Currently freelancing, with a focus on front-end, some design, and writing content. Writing work consists of technical articles, tutorials and documentation writing. Spare time consists of spending time with my wife Jess and family. Lots of good food and good coffee.

Trying to get into making coffee better, but an upward struggle. Also getting into gym sessions, which is completely new to me. Go twice a week with Jess, one of them is with a personal trainer. Also try to squeeze in side projects and trying to complete sites like this one you're on now.

Now watching

  • James Hoffmann – Posts coffee videos on YouTube
  • Binging with Babish – Posts cooking videos on YouTube
  • Corridor Crew / Corridor Digital – Posts short viral videos and 'behind the scenes' videos on making them
  • Altered Carbon – Series on Netflix
  • Community – Series that's been added to Netflix
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe – I'm a fan, which feels like nothing new to say, but I'm often watching them and thinking about how they make it in such a way that makes it addictive to the general public. Marvel is business, not entertainment, but they're sure good at it